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1. Option A Auto-Ranging (MV-723B, MV-823B, MV-923B, MV-714A). 10. Option 10 Permanently attached 10:1 divider probe (MV-812A).
2. Option B BCD Output, parallel, (All digital MV meters),
BCD Output, serial.

11. Rackmount Adapter Frames are available for MV-712A, MV-812A, MV-912A, MV-714A, MV-814A, MV-914A, MV-753A, MV-853A, and MV-953A as follows:
  Single Unit Frame: Part No. 365-1137.
  Dual Unit Frame: Part No. 350-1138.
  For MA-164A and MA-168A :
    Single Unit frame: Part No. 365-1140.

3. Option BP Binding Post input connectors instead of BNC input connectors for MV series instruments.
4. Option D dBm Digital Readouts, 50W (MV-714A, MV-723B). 12. Multimeter Models MV-873A and NV-973A are supplied with a UG-201 Test Lead for DC, AC, and Ohms measurements. Type 'L' RF Probe and Accessories are available as options.
5. Option PC Portable Cabinet for PM series instruments. Add suffix PC to the instrument modle number.

13. Panel colors:
MA and MV series: Millivac light blue
Rackmount: Millivac light gray
Cabinet Colors:
Millivac Blue-gray
Dust Cover Color:
PM Series Instruments: Ultra-sonic chrome
Custom color paints are available for Rackmount front panels. An additional charge is added.

6. Option R Rackmount version for any instrument. Panel dimensions are 5.25"H x 19"W.   Add suffix R to the instrument model number.
7. Option RC Rear panle mounted input signal connector(s) for MV series instruments. This connector is in addition to the front panel connector.   Add suffix RC to the instrument model number. 14. All Millivac Instruments are equipped for both 115V AC and 230V AC operation.
15. Terms are Net 30 days, F.O.B. Schenectady, New York; Minimum billing is $75 (except instruction manuals, which are priced at $ 40.)
8. Option RS (a) Remote Switching (rear mounted connector) (MV-723B, MV-823B, MV-923B).
(b) Remote Switching (rear mounted connector) (MV-714A, MV-812A).
16.For further information on any of the Instruments, Accessories and Options shown, please cntact the Representative in your area or Millivac Instruments at the address listed on this site (upper left page).
9. Option SC Meter dial scales of various voltage and dBm configurations for the following voltmeters: MV-812A, MV-912A, MV-814A, MV-914A, MV-828A, MV-928A, MV-823B, MV-923B, and PM-522B.   Add suffix SC along with the meter dial requirements to the instrument model number.

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice
Rev. 01/03